Stay on top of your coursework at a glance.


Manage your coursework

The Power+ dashboard shows upcoming assignments, a calendar, announcements, and updates at a glance.



Check your assignments in a calendar, updates (recent grades/announcements), assignments due today, and upcoming assignments at a glance, all in one place. The items in the dashboard can also be rearranged.
Search for everything, everywhere. Search utilizes all of the data shown in Power+ so you can find what you're looking for, regardless of it's in an assignment or buried in a discussion thread.
Customizable Themes
Power+ includes standard system-matched, light, and dark themes alongside color themes such as Midnight (black) and Tome (purple). Power+ also supports custom background images for further customization.
Course Content
Power+ has support for class homepages, assignments, grades, announcements, modules, pages, and discussions from Canvas. Power+ is read-only to ensure your records are always correct, so you'll still have to use Canvas for submissions and discussion participation.
See the people in your classes and your class sections even if the teacher has disabled the People tab in Canvas. People is also part of the Power+ search system, so you can easily find which classes you have with your friends.


Processing of Personal Information and Preferences

  • Power+ does not collect or share any personal information. All personal information shown in Power+ is fetched directly from Canvas to your device. All processing of personal information (such as CBL grade calculation) is done on-device.
  • Preferences and grade history are stored on-device and are not associated with your Canvas account.
  • Power+ is fully open-source on BitBucket.

Web Analytics

  • Power+ uses Cloudflare Web Analytics to count page views, load times, browsers, devices, and Canvas instances used with Power+.
  • Data collected using Cloudflare Web Analytics is not associated with individual users or IP addresses and does not collect any personal information.
  • To learn more about Cloudflare Web Analytics, visit If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy on Power+, feel free to contact me.

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